Monday, October 18, 2010

vegan success!!

Finally have access to this blog again after having forgotten the password. Grrrr..

Our business cards are in the mail-can't wait to get and see them!
Unfortunately, it feels like there are a LOT of road blocks when it comes to starting a baking business.
Just read this article and found out that even if we use a certified kitchen, if we want to sell our goods from somewhere, we need to have liability insurance. This can cost about $1000/year. It looks like we're going to be fundraising just to start our own business!!

These days we're trying to get our name out there. Have given out some gift certificates as prizes at the vegan bake off in toronto, and for the CHRY ( funding drive that's going on. This Wednesday from 1-4 pm listen to Natty B's Zion Train where our donations will be featured as prizes!!

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